ASC Global International Ltd.

ASC Global International Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes GSM/GPRS and IP modules. Due to our professional experience and our partners’ trust nowadays we can be suppliers for several European and
non- European firms.

Due to our dynamism and professional services our firm leads an important role in safety engineering, entryphone and fields of automation. Philosophy of our firm is to provide always the best solution to our clients due to which we hope for a long cooperation. Besides end-user demands our aim is to satisfy also installer demands meanwhile we take care for our distributors’ and strategic partners’ interests.

Due to the inquiries from export market our associates ensure a service quick and precise and provide help if it is needed. Thinking of convenience of our partners we provide personalized web pages, descriptions and newsletters to give up-to-date information of our innovations and services.

Products give solutions to remote controlling, automation, and forwarding. We design, produce and test every ASC Global product thus we can guarantee the ease of installation and usage. Our products have the international CE mark that guarantees compliance with the European norms and quality.