Fast and safe access sharing with the Solo!

It has been almost two years that we have started to distribute the Solo product family that is manufactured and designed in Italy. The Solo is a Bluetooth remote controller with 4 outputs and it allows users to control their gates, barriers or other devices with smartphone instead of radio transmitters.

The Solo2 can be used with 10, the Solo Evo with 50 users. However, it is important that we can give permissions to users regarding who and till when is able to control the gate. The solo handles this process automatically. Thus, we need to select only the users we would like to give access to.


The admin user has the possibility to share permissions with the users based on phone numbers along with assigning the expiration time (time period and date) of the permission.

Process of sharing

In the Shares menu, you need to assign the device to control, the date, and the time period. Afterward, you can select the users based on phone numbers. It is possible by using the existing phone number in the contacts or by adding a new phone number.

If the application was not installed on the user’s device, the admin can send an invitation to install the software.

After the user downloaded and installed the application, it is necessary to register to the central system with his or her phone number. The system sends an SMS with a confirmation code that has to be typed to the confirmation code field in case of iPhone devices. At android devices, this process is automatic.

Then, the permission that was created by the admin user appears on the device in the form of an icon/button.



User-friendly operation
The end-user has to do only a phone number registration nothing more. (the icon appears automatically)

It is ideal for applications where we would like to provide temporary access only– Rbnb, Hotel (Here it is possible to use for doors not for just gates)

The admin user has access to the control logs as well as removing the permissions whenever she or he wants.

You can get to know more about the Solo product on our website: