GSM Alarm Center

The GSM module can be used as an alarm center equivalent. The GSM alarm center has every usual alarm center feature. the only difference is that arming and disarming is made with a free phone call. naturally using the GSM network you can send signs to monitoring centers or to yourself in voice message or SMS.

motion sensor
smoke detector
motion sensor

Notifiable phone numbers, multiple calls function

You can save 8 telephone numbers for notification into the module to which the module sends SMS and/or voice message. Users to be notified can be selected based on events and based on alarm types customized messages can be set.

GSM notification sending

Arming feedback

The EXP Alarm expansion notifies of the armed/disarmed state of the GSM alarm center. You can be notified of the alarm state by an LED or blinker so you can avoid annoyances due to trepidity when you arrive home.

Delayed zone

Inputs can be set as delayed zones so you can set how much time you have to leave the estate following the arming or how much time you have for disarming when you arrive home.

motion sensor

Zone sensitivity

The customizable input sensitivity ensures you can use any motion detector with the GSM alarm center. It can receive signals from shutter sensor to normal motion detectors due to the adjustable 5-leveled input sensitivity.

Event logs

The 16.000 entry event log ensures every GSM module related important event is stored. Event log can be exported to csv file for post-processing purposes. Modules are storing GSM signal strength history in a different memory.

control with free call

Remote access

You can arm or disarm your alarm center from anywhere with a voice call or SMS message. You can set automatic arming or disarming or you can even set SMS notification on GSM alarm center status changes.

Sending life signs

You can set how often you would like to receive notification of stable system operation. You can receive the feedback message in SMS where day and hour can also be set.

lifetest sending
jammer device

Anti-Jammer System

Anti-Jammer System protects against GSM jammers. In case of detecting a GSM Jammer the module can send SMS message – if GSM network facilitates – or control one of its outputs. This enables a local alarm event.

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GSM alarm center


GSM alarm center







GSM alarm center

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