GSM Gate opener

By using a GSM gate opener module you can control with a free call the driveway, garage door, etc. free of charge. Previously stored phone numbers can call the SiM card in the module. Module will identify the caller. it is convenient and safe as only previously saved telephone numbers can open the gate.

garage door opener
GSM gate opener
GSM gate opener
GSM barrier opening

Unrestricted distance

Instead of having the distance limit of a remote controller GSM technology lets you control your gate or garage from any location in the world. You only have to call the phone number of the module and your gate instantly opens.

universal standard

Universal integration

The GSM module output can be easily connected to the input of the gate controller and the relayed output will handle the emerging controlling tasks. Output can be controlled in mono-and also in bistable mode.

Working economical

User phone numbers can be easily managed remotely or when you are connected to the GSM module. Possibility to store 1000 telephone numbers will allow to handle access control of townhouses or even whole subdivisions.

cos effetive operation
unique profiles

Personal authorities

It can be set which user can control which output. One GSM module can control more gates, garages so operation is not only cost efficient but also safe.

Event log

You can track in the event log who and when opened the gate even if this demand arises months after the controlling. GSM module stores in its memory every important information related to the event which can be even easily exported. The module can store 16.000 events in its memory.

GSM event log
miniature GSM gate opener

Space efficient design

Small size facilitates easy installation and integration to existing systems of the GSM module. It can be easily positioned into the gate controlling closure so it makes installation and device integration easier.

Power monitoring

We can send notification of power-cut and restore. Own power source of the module serves as an uninterruptible power source so we are informed of every event instantly. Notification can be sent to multiple previously stored phone number.

External power monitor

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GSM gate opener


GSM garage door opening


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