Industrial applications

GSM/GPRS modules helps you to control remotely even industrial devices i.e. you can program or control them remotely. Besides remote control you might receive notification of device proper or malfunctioning operation. notification can be voice call or SMS.

industrial facilities
industrial devices
GSM water pump system

Bus system

For convenient and more economical installation you can have expansion panels on the bus system at no more than 1000 meters.

bus systems
GSM expansion possibility

Expansion possibilities

In bus system you can attach 16 expansions maximum to the module. These can be set as terminals on the module. You can control separately outputs and you can even receive unique notification from inputs.

Output configurations

You can adjust separately the GSM module and expansion panel outputs that can be controlled with SMS or voice call. Outputs can have monostable or bistable status. Remote programming facilitates to modify also other settings of the GSM modules.

output settings
sending feedbacks

Sending feedback

You can receive feedback SMS on output controls so you are notified of the actual output state. Output can be controlled also with GSM communicational failure so you can provide notification for another device.

Event log and GSM signal strength

In the event log besides event time you can find the actual signal strength and also additional information. The GSM chart saves the lowest signal strength hourly. You can track back for years so the GSM network quality and stability can be easily checked.

GSM eventlog


The ProRead program provides holistic programming for the products and also for expansion panels. One program for every product that does not have to be installed, it contains the newest firmwares for every module and provides clear and user friendly programming.

Power source monitoring

GSM modules are able to monitor power grid. Powered by battery the GSM modules in case of a power-cut can send SMS and voice message up to 8 numbers for notification.

GSM power monitoring

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