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The Solo product range has been expanded

The Solo product range has been expanded As spring has arrived, besides the work around the house, gate and garage door automatization projects have also started. There are still a lot of people who insist on remote controls, but there are more and more users who would like to use smartphones to open their gates and [...]

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Set up your ProCon GSM Cloud with Proread

Set up your ProCon GSM Cloud with Proread The benefit of the ProCon GSM Cloud is, that it is easily accessible from the Cloud, therefore the settings can be changed remotely. We can create shortcuts, so besides text messages and calls, we can also use icons to control the outputs. Until now, we needed a WiFi/Bt [...]

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The easiest Cloud registration

The easiest Cloud registration Registering the ProCon Cloud on ASCloud Manager takes only one text message. When developing, we aim for the simplest but safe solutions, so our products can be used without any difficulties. To illustrate the ease of this registration,we have made a quick guide with pictures. Click on the link for the guide: ASCloud_Manager_registrationwith_first_DEVICE_EN.pdf [...]

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We are closed on Monday, 15th March 2021.

We are closed on Monday, 15th March This post is to inform you, that our office is closed on Monday, 15th March 2021 due to a public holiday. Please be assured, that all questions and inquiries will be answered on Tuesday, as soon as we return to the office. Thank you very much for your understanding, we wish [...]

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Our Cloud services: ASCloudManager

Our Cloud services: ASCloudManager CloudManager has several benefits that make installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting easier and more cost-effective. Program remotely You can easily read, modify, and then upload module settings via the cloud interface. The structure and appearance of the renewed cloud have become more attractive and easier to manage for professionals than the ProRead software. You can [...]

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CloudManager, where all devices are available for professionals

CloudManager, where all devices are available for professionals What is Cloud? It has a different meaning for everyone: remote control, user management, or in some areas clients require the ability to program modules remotely. The cloud is where our devices can be easily programmed. Not only in IT Systems but also in communicators and remote control [...]

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Cloud developments in January

Cloud developments in January We continuously develop our Cloud service the ASCloudManager ( Now, we have reached a milestone again and we would like to share some information about it with you. Besides the developments, we moved our server to a professional and secure server farm that allows the dynamic growing of the number [...]

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IP2 Monitoring Receiver

IP2 receiver: GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver The Enigma IP2 monitoring receiver is ideal and cost-effective solution to build-up a monitoring station, where transmission is sent only through IP / GPRS channel. Device has compact size and excellent parameter setting possibilities. The incoming IP communication might be monitored according to client accounts. It provides prominent protection level for [...]

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ENIGMA IP2 - SIA DC09 RECEIVER The Enigma II digital receiver is the universal device for every fire or central monitoring station. The Enigma II monitoring receiver provides a complex and reliable solution for setting up any sort of modern monitoring station. The device is capable of receiving alarm events from security systems via IP and [...]

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TANlock certification

Insurance certification for the TANlock! The TANlock is a product conceived, developed, and manufactured in Germany: high quality in terms of design and production. We have submitted the TanLock to the scrutiny of MABISZ, an organization that gathers all the Hungarian Insurance Companies: MABISZ has tested and evaluated it as an access control device that [...]

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