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IP2 Monitoring Receiver

IP2 receiver: GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver The Enigma IP2 monitoring receiver is ideal and cost-effective solution to build-up a monitoring station, where transmission is sent only through IP / GPRS channel. Device has compact size and excellent parameter setting possibilities. The incoming IP communication might be monitored according to client accounts. It provides prominent protection level for [...]

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ENIGMA IP2 - SIA DC09 RECEIVER The Enigma II digital receiver is the universal device for every fire or central monitoring station. The Enigma II monitoring receiver provides a complex and reliable solution for setting up any sort of modern monitoring station. The device is capable of receiving alarm events from security systems via IP and [...]

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TANlock certification

Insurance certification for the TANlock! The TANlock is a product conceived, developed, and manufactured in Germany: high quality in terms of design and production. We have submitted the TanLock to the scrutiny of MABISZ, an organization that gathers all the Hungarian Insurance Companies: MABISZ has tested and evaluated it as an access control device that [...]

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Access sharing with the Solo

Fast and safe access sharing with the Solo! It has been almost two years that we have started to distribute the Solo product family that is manufactured and designed in Italy. The Solo is a Bluetooth remote controller with 4 outputs and it allows users to control their gates, barriers or other devices with smartphone instead [...]

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WPS function

WPS function for our WiFi products! If you have been afraid so far from the network configuration of the WiFi products to the routers, we have some good news since it has become easier than it was ever before. On of the optional convenient services provided by the wireless routers is the WPS (Wi-Fi [...]

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Redesigned Cloud interface

The Cloud interface has been redesigned! We have moved forward again with our developments not only with the new products but lately, we have redesigned our Cloud appearance as well. We have completely redesigned the Cloud interface of the WiFi/Bluetooth Controller that allows remote management of the devices including programming and making queries. Therefore, [...]

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Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)

The new way: Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) GSM-based communication has reached a new level lately even in the security industry. As a result of the latest developments, a cheaper, more stable network has become available with low maintenance costs. From the perspective of security developments, it is remarkable. The NB IoT was designed to use [...]

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Your health is important to us – here is our gift for you

Your health is important to us - here is our gift for you! The previous months have changed our lives dramatically. Hence, we have new working and living circumstances. The number of personal meetings has decreased. However, there are many whose job does not allow avoiding meetings. We have discussions week by week with our partners about how [...]

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IPCOM-G and IPCOM-4G communicator

IPCOM-G and IPCOM-4G communicator The IPCOM–G and the IPCOM-4G communicator is recommended for high security applications where backup transmission line is essential. The main reporting channel is the wired Internet, which provides immediate alarm transmission and action without additional operation cost. The secondary reporting channel is GPRS or 3G / 4G. The Secondary GPRS [...]

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