CloudManager, where all devices are available for professionals

What is Cloud?

It has a different meaning for everyone: remote control, user management, or in some areas clients require the ability to program modules remotely.

The cloud is where our devices can be easily programmed. Not only in IT Systems but also in communicators and remote control systems, one of the most important features is remote access.

These days, GSM modules do not only communicate with remote monitoring signals, with these modules we can control any contact-controlled device and enjoy the benefits of services like security technology. They are getting more and more common in the control and access of gate technology, elevator service, and other consumer electronic devices.

“CLOUD” provides a complete solution for this. In the CLOUD, we do not get lost in the programming, all devices are available 24 hours a day. Regardless if it is gate control, barrier control, or any contact-controlled device controlled by GSM or WIFI / BT module, all settings and services are immediately available.

Dreaming of CloudManager, we envisioned a cloud where statistics, event logs, module status queries, error notifications, or even virtual remote monitoring can be housed. An interface that allows us, professionals, to have all the important information in one place with the ability to make modifications or adjustments if required.

Connecting to “Cloud”

There are currently three ways to connect to the CloudManager interface:

– ProCon GSM Cloud

– WiFi / Bluetooth Controller

– WiFi / Bluetooth Programmer

ProCon GSM Cloud can connect to the cloud via GSM/GPRS as it is using a SIM card, while the WiFi/Bluetooth Controller, and Programmer access the interface via WiFi connection.

The WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer provides wireless connectivity for EasyCon GSM, ProCon GSM and 4G, ProLine GSM, and InterCom GSM.

Web access: