Easy and simple: MultiOne GSM (wiring video with Beninca controller)

Why would you pay more for something that you do not even use?

Our customers have said many times that there are plenty of products on the market with countless features that can be used for complex projects (such as the ProCon GSM and ProLine GSM). However, for simple tasks, the vast majority of these functions are not required. They rather look for a product that is easy and fast to install.

The MultiOne GSM was designed due to these demands. This module is one of our most used GSM remote controllers.

The benefits of the MultiOne GSM:

  • GSM based – it can be controlled from anywhere
  • Programming by DIP-Switch – can be set in a few steps
  • Relay output – the 230 VDC relay allows you to control your gate, barrier, alarm center, or any kind of device…
  • Sending notification – by using its input you can inform the user  by SMS and even phone call notification
  • Quick wiring – the MultiOne GSM kit is wired and placed into a plastic box, hence it is ready to install.
  • Handling users – you can manage the control phone numbers remotely via SMS. Therefore, you can be independent of the application and the internet.
  • Fast and easy installation – if we can show you the installation process it must not be so difficult 🙂

To watch the introduction video of the MultiOne GSM click on the picture: