New functions in the InterCom GSM

The InterCom GSM has not been updated for a while. Thus, we have added some new functions to it thanks to the demands of our partners. Our GSM based multipurpose intercom module is compatible with most of the analog intercom systems. We can provide the product to you as a set with the Farfisa analog intercom units with the 1, 2 or 4 flat systems. The InterCom GSM allow us to call our  phone through the external unit of the analog intercom system. Therefore, we can receive calls and control our gate wherever we are.

Initiating a new call

Due to the new firmware, we have the possiblity to initiate a call via the external unit without waiting for the expiration of the set talking time. The purpose of this feature is to be able to limit the talking time in order to protect the credit of the SIM card. Previously, it was necessary to wait for the expiration of the talking time to initiate a new call. By using the new firmware, after hanging up, we can call immediately initiate another call by pushing one of the buttons of the external unit.

Controlling the output during call

It is possible to configurate the automatic output control when a call is initiated. The benefit of the function is that we can give a feedback to the person who is in front of the intercom unit concerning the state of the call. It could be also advantageous if the communicator is used in an elevator for instance. Howbeit, on the control panel we can let the user know about the state of the call with an LED.

Remote access

With the WiFi/Bluetooth programmer, we can configurate the settings of the InterCom GSM with the ProRead software remotely via internet. The module connects to the internet via WiFi. Hence, an available WiFi network is required. Beside of querying and modifying the settings of the device, we can also control the output or change the control phone numbers. The InterCom GSM can be programmed in the same way as it would be connected to our PC via USB connection.

We can query the eventlog, check the state of the module etc..

You can download the ProRead software from here: