Our new IOT product is available: WiFi/Bluetooth Controller

Shortly: Simplicity, safety, freedom!

We had promised many new developments for 2019. Well, we are introducing our WiFi/BT Controller at the beginning of February, which allows local along with remote controlling to users!


The WiFi/BT Controller is equipped with 1 relay output. It can be activated via Bluetooth or Internet connection.The application leads us through the configuration of the module in a few steps. After, setting the parameters we can use the module.

The applicaiton places the icon onto the display of our phone what we opted for to use. It is enough just to tap this icon to manage the output.

We can create, either a Bluetooth or, a Wifi control icon. To control, we have to just tap the icon. It is not necessary to open the application. We can create control icons with unique names for mulitple modules.


One of the biggest concerns is that we accidentally tap the icon. In this case, we have the possiblity to require a password confirmation. Hence, the control is carried out only after we gave the password.

Without knowing the password, we cannot control the WiFi/Bluetooth Controller. A lower protection level is when we require a confirmation question. Thus, we have to confirm the control two times instead of typing a password.

If we are not afraid of unauthorized access, or tapping the icon accidentally, we can choose immediate control without requiring a confirmation.

Is your internet connection not reliable? Are you afraid of using it for controlling? 

Due to the Bluetooth connection, we can conrol the module within the Bluetooth distance range (20 meters) by tapping the icon.

We can connect to the WiFi/BT Controller for 10 minutes after launching it via Bluetooth. If the 10 minutes expired, only the paired phones are capable of connecting to the controller. Pairing of new devices with the module after 10 minutes is possible by pushing down the micro-switch at the top of the module, or by enabling the bluetooth visibility on the web interface.


You can open your gate within 15-20 meters with the same module that allows you to control your gate wherever you are in the world with internet access.

If your mobile device is connected to the internet (with own internet access or via Wifi), you can control your gate from anywhere as though you were use a GSM module.

There is no need for SIM card, neither dealing with the credit or the registration of the SIM. Not only the gate, garage door or barrier can be controlled with it but the lighting, sauna etc..

The control time can be set individually between 1-240 seconds. The bistable output control will be available soon.

Web interface

You can add or delete users, give and disable control permissions. Connecting to the web server is easy, that allows you to configurate the different settings fastly and simply.

The eventlog is available here as well. It shows every important information related to the module. In addition, the Wifi network can be monitored here as well as querying the last values of the network signal levels.

Would it be important to know how many times the gate has been opened? Is the maintenance in or beyond warranty?

Check on the output counter how many times the gate, garage door or barrier have been opened. This value is stored in the module memory. What’s more, the device stores it and deletion is not possible. The actual value of the counter can be queried in every hour.

The WiFi/Bluetooth Controller is available via the web server, where the following functions are available after signing in:

  • giving and adjusting the output control time of the module
  • creating and deleting new users, disabling control permissions
  • querying the Wifi network signal statistics that shows the satibility of the network
  • In the eventlog we can see when and which customer  activated the output
  • we can query the output counter with one click that provides information about how many times the output has been controlled
  • we can query the operating hours of the module
  • we can create a control link that alllows us to control the output of the module with PC
  • in the statistics we can see how many times the module has been launched or restarted, the number of push messages, server connections etc..
  • we can switch on the bluetooth visibility to be able to create a new bluetooth connection with a new phone
  • disabling wifi network

You can find more information about the product on our website:

You can download the manual from here: