Our product range has expanded with a multifunctional radio transmitter and receiver!

Beside of vending the GSM/3G/4G/IP transmitter and remote controller modules, last year the Solo product family had arrived. The Solo Bluetooth controller allows us to connect to it via Bluetooth. It communicates with the gate, barrier or garage door opener via radio connection.

After introducing it became a widespread product quickly. Therefore, the number of distributors keep increasing. Based on the feedbacks we have been getting from our partners, it is obvious that the product has a future. It is easy to install. What’s more, it perfectly serves the needs of families and residental buildings. As the manufacturer says, “actually we can forget about it.”

The new solution has created new demands. Not only gates and garage doors can be managed with the solo. We can control any sort of electrical device with it, that is reachable via radio. Howbeit, we looked for a new product to whom freedom and comfort is important. While arriving at home, it is such a comfortable way to disarm the alarm center with the same application that we use for gate opening. In addition, since we have a fourth output, we could control the lighting in the garden or managing another device.

The Solo is capable of learning nearly 450 remote controllers that almost completely fulfills the needs of the market. However, sometimes it would be useful a receiver that helps solve the compatiblity issues. Moreover, opening the entrance door of a residental building with the same application we use to manage the gate or garage door would be really convenient.

RX1 and RX3 multifunctional radio receiver

We can offer two types of multifunctional receivers with 1 and 3 channels. It was an important feature when we opted for the product that the learning method had to be as simple as at the Solo products. One button. That is all!

There is no DIP switch or code. We need only to push the button of the receiver to teach the transmitter to it. After the receiver gave a feedback, we have to push again the button of the transmitter to confirm the teaching process. It is done! So far it has learnt all of our transmitters including one that was a 25-year old rolling coded remote controller.

There is no DIP switch and code. We can teach the transmitter to the receiver by pushing its button.

RX1 multifunctional radio receiver

  • RX1 multipurpose radio receiver with 1 relay output that can be used as an external radio receiver
  • Compatible with the most widespread gate opener remote controllers which can be taught with a button of the RX1
  • Multifunctional radio receiver with 1 channel
  • 1 monostable relay output

RX3 multifunctional radio receiver

  • RX3 multipurpose radio receiver with 3 relay output that can be used as an external radio receiver
  • RX3 multifunctional radio receiver with 3 relay outputs
  • Compatible with the most widespread gate opener remote controllers that can be taught with a button of the RX3
  • Multifunctional radio receiver unit with 3 channels
  • 2 NO monostable output
  • 1 NO multipurpose output
  • Opting for operation modes with a jumper: monostable/ bistable/ timed (45-400seconds)

Common features of RX1 and RX3 / Technical parameters

  • Compatible with fix and rolling coded transmitters
  • Operating on 433,93 MHz
  • Capable of storing 100 codes
  • Power source: 12 VAC or 24 VDC
  • Power consumption: Maximum 1,5 W
  • Relay load capacity: max. 24 V @ 1 A
  • Receiving radio frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • Type of coax cable: RG58
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – +40°C

Amongst others, it works with the following remotes :

  • Allmatic TEC3
  • Beninca T4WV, LO.T2, To.Go.4, Cupido, Rollkey
  • Exitec
  • Gardengate masterround, masterslip
  • Jolly Radium 12ch
  • Key SUB
  • Marantec D302, D304, D313(433Mhz)
  • Normstahl 40091004
  • Tecno TCRX
  • Nice Flo (normal code),
  • Proteco PTX433
  • V2 TSC-4, Phoenix, Handy (the part of the fix code)

Would you need a multifunctional transmitter as well?

TX4 multifunctional radio remote controller

  • It can be programmed with DIP switch
  • It can be used with many brands of receivers (see the compatibility list)
  • Controlling 4 different devices due to the 4 channels
  • The manufacturer’s code can be set with DIP switch:

For more information check our website:

RX1: http://ascglobal.co.uk/products/rx1-universal-receiver/

RX3: http://ascglobal.co.uk/products/rx3-universal-receiver/

TX4: http://ascglobal.co.uk/products/tx4-universal-transmitter/

To download the manual please click here:

RX1: http://download.tellsystem.eu/download/manual/EN/rx1_en.pdf

RX3: http://download.tellsystem.eu/download/manual/EN/rx3_en.pdf