Telephone line card

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icon_yesLine Card for PSTN network

icon_yes(PSTN) pulse 10-40 bps, receiving DTMF, SIA FSK formats

icon_yesCaller identification

icon_yes2 way audio


The receiver has 8 slots to connect LC telephone line cards. The LC line cards can monitor one telephone line. Each telephone line card have memory to store up to 2000 events or caller ID. Caller ID function is built in, the caller telephone number is stored and can be transmitted to monitoring computer. Line cards support two-way audio communication as well. Line cards are continuously monitored by CPM. All line card troubles are displayed immediately at LCD display, and transmitted to monitoring computer. The line card monitors the connection with CPM as well, if it detects trouble automatically switches to standalone operation mode. In this case it continues event receiving, but stores them in its own memory. All received events will be sent automatically to CPM when the connection is restored.