EXP Alarm

Alarm center expansion card to ProCon GSM


Central expansion unit equipped with alarm center functions and buzzer for ProCon GSM

  • 1 input for arming/disarming of the system by key switch
  • 1 status output (lamp or LED)
  • 1 OC output (it can be loaded up to 30VDC/300mA)
  • It can be controlled by SMS or by voice call
  • It can be monostable (up to 65000 seconds), or bistable
  • It allows to control a siren if the ProCon GSM works as an alarm center
  • 1 buzzer indicates the opening and closing time by tone
1 OC output (output load max. 30VDC/300mA)
Operation temperature: -20°C – +50°C
  • It can be used as a standalone alarm center
  • Handling siren and key switch
  • Giving feedback about the state of the arming

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The package includes

icon_yesEpansion module
icon_yesWarranty ticket