EXP 8IO expansion module

Output expansion panel for ProCon GSM.


Expansion panel with 8 relay output and 8 digital input for ProCon GSM module.

  • The output can be controlled by SMS
  • The output can be Monostable (up to 65000 seconds) or bistable
  • The outputs cna be configurated by the ProCon GSM module programming software
  • Even 16 expansion modules can be connected to the GSM module simoultaneously
  • For using the module expansion module is neccessary
Number of relay outputs 8
Number of inputs 8 ( digital)
Relay Max. load 5A@230vAC
Operational temperature: -10°C – +50°C
  • Water pumps
  • Drink machines
  • Industrial facilities

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The package includes

icon_yesExpansion panel
icon_yesWarranty ticket