Multipurpose radio receiver with 1 channel

icon_yesRadio receiver with 1 channel for transmitters

icon_yes1 monostable relay output

icon_yesAbility to store 100 radio receivers

icon_yesLearning fix and rolling code remote controllers

icon_yesCoaxial antenna connection possiblity (RG58 – 50 Ohm)


1 A @ 24 VDC Relay output load capacity

  • RX1 multipurpose radio receiver with relay output that can be used as an external unit
  • It is compatible with the most widespread transmitters
  • The remote controllers can be taught to the Rx1 by using the button of the receiver unit
  • 1 channel multipurpose receiver unit
  • Compatible with fix and rolling coded remote controllers
  • 433,93 MHz operating frequency
  • Capable of learning 100 codes
  • 1 monostable relay output
  • Amongst others it works with the following remote controllers:
    • Allmatic TEC3
    • Beninca T4WV, LO.T2, To.Go.4, Cupido, Rollkey
    • Exitec
    • Gardengate masterround, masterslip
    • Jolly Radium 12ch
    • Key SUB
    • Marantec D302, D304, D313(433Mhz)
    • Normstahl 40091004
    • Tecno TCRX
    • Nice Flo (normal code),
    • Proteco PTX433
    • V2 TSC-4, Phoenix, Handy (the part of the fix code)
Relay output: 1
Antenna type:
  • wire antenna (mounted to the unit, ~17 cm)
  • RG58 50 Ohm coaxial antenna connection possibility (up to 10 m)
Teaching of transmitters: in 4 steps
Type of transmitters: Fix- and rolling coded (according to the compatibility table)
Box protection: IP00 (no IP protection provided)
  • Power suppy: 12 VAC vagy 24 VDC
  • Maximum power consumption: 1,5 W
  • Relay load capacity: max. 24 V @ 1 A
  • Radio frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • Type of coax cable: RG58
  • Numbers of remote controllers to teach: 100 db
  • Output: 1 relay (monostable)
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – +40°C
  • Control: gate, barrier and garage door
  • Home automation (air conditioner, heat, sauna, lighting)

The package includes

icon_yeswire antenna
icon_yesinstallation guide
icon_yeswarranty ticket

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