Forget your remote control, open your gate with your mobile phone!

Incredibly simple.

Install the free App.
1Control SOLO copies your remote control.
Put 1Control SOLO near the gate.

How does the Solo product line work?

  • The Solo product learns the code of your remote controller, which is already known by your gate, garage

  • Your smartphone is connected to Solo via Bluetooth, using the free 1Control application

  • In the application, you select which gate, garage, barrier you want to open and press the corresponding icon

  • The Solo product receives the task through Bluetooth and opens the door with the learned (remote) code

Hundreds of remote controls.

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

Put it near the gate.
Or the garage.

It is resistant to water, freezing temperatures, and heat.
You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Do everything from the App.

Download it for free. It is available for Android and iPhone.

Conveniently manage all your gates or

Check the battery status directly from
the App

Take a picture of your gate or garage to
customize your App

Open with a single click

Check all your gates or garages
simply and quickly

Give access to whoever you want.

The whole family can use it.
It is safe and protected by a PIN code.

You can almost forget about it.

The batteries last for up to two years.

And who doesn’t have a smartphone?

He can continue to use the old remote control.
1Control SOLO does not change
your gate or garage in any way.

Quick guide

1Control SOLO is a Bluetooth LE 4.0 device that allows you to operate your gate or garage using your smartphone.

1Control SOLO copies the signal of your remote controls. It’s very easy with the free App that you can find in the iPhone and Android app stores.

When you have copied your remote control, position your 1Control SOLO near the gate or garage that you want to open. Obstacles, such as walls, can block the signal, so be sure to place it in an unobstructed position.

You can use 1Control SOLO and your old remote controls simultaneously.

4 gates or garages

1Control SOLO can operate up to 4 gates or garages.
4 separate remote controls or 4 keys of a single remote control.

The whole family

Multiple people can use the same 1Control SOLO.
Replace all your remote controls.

No Internet required

Not even Wi-Fi. It uses Bluetooth 4.
It also works for underground garages without data connection.

Compatible smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 7, 7 plus with iOS 8 or greater operating system.

Android smartphone with 4.3 or greater operating system, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Compatible remote controls

More than 450 remote controls are compatible, even those based on rolling code technology.


1Control SOLO is resistant to rain, snow and sunlight.

Operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C


no. 2 1.5V type C ordinary alkaline batteries.
Batteries are already installed in 1Control SOLO and 1Control SOLO PRO.
It does not need to be turned on.

Number of daily openingsAverage battery time
448 months
1024 months
2012 months

Operating distance

From 15 to 20 meters.

What are the benefits of Solo products?

  • You can open your gate, garage, barrier from your smartphone, no remote control is required

  • There are several different remote control types available for Solo products

  • Your phone is always by your side, do not look for the remote control

  • A product Solo can be used by multiple users, and we can handle authorization time depending on the type

  • There is no wiring, so installation is very simple and fast

  • It is not necessary to replace the battery in the remote control so often

  • You will not leave, crush the remote control, and it is not a problem to set up the new remote controls to control the gate or the garage

The Solo products

1Control SOLO2

Small home

1Control SOLO EVO

Condominiums, companies, B & B, hotels

1Control SOLO KIT









Accessories: 2-channel
receiver and a
radio remote control,
in parallel to
the incompatible

Control 4 devices

Bluetooth LE 4.0

Battery power supply

Adaptive power supply


Requires installation


10 users

50 users (max. 250 users)


Access management


Expiration of automatic authorization


Event log




Family house

Office buildings, industrial areas


Bed&Breakfast - Apartments




Car park




Useful tips

  • Make sure there are no walls between you and your 1Control SOLO.

  • Position your SOLO at least 1 meter from the ground.

  • Consider the most critical situations, such as arrival by car from the road.

  • The package contains supports to fasten it to a wall or pole.