WiFi/Bluetooth Controller

Gate control and remote control via WiFi and Bluetooth



The usage is for free: operation without SIM card


1 NO relay output that can be managed via WiFi or Bluetooth network

icon_yesUnique control time adjustment between 1-240 seconds


Unlimited internet users


15 Bluetooth users

icon_yesThe application is for free without advertisements

icon_yesQuerying the state of the device via Bluetooth or Internet

icon_yesProtection by password to avoid unauthorized control

Go to the wifi manager
  •  We designed the Wifi/Bluetooth Controller for controlling electric gates, garage doors and barriers. However, the device can be used to control other devices too that has an input that allows control or simply just by swithing the power source of a certain device (an external relay can be necessary)
  • The parameters of the WiFi module can be configurated with the WiFi/BT Manager in a few steps.
  • The software creates an icon on the display of our smartphone. By tapping this icon we can control the output without opening an application.
  • We can create two types of control icons. We determine the type of the control icon while configurating its settings. The type of the icon can be either control via bluetooth, or via Wifi.
  • We can manage multiple WiFi/Bluetooth Controllers with one smartphone
  • The control time of the relay output can be 1-240 seconds (bistable control will be available soon).
  • The data for internet connection can be given in the smartphone application. Howbeit, PC is not necessary to configurate the module.
  • We can protect the control icon with a password. Thus, the output activation can be carried out only after giving the password (thanks to this function, we can protect the control from unauthorized access or tapping the icon accidentally).  Also, the software allows us to require a confirmation instead of a password. Hence, we have to tap two times the icon to send the control command to the module.
  • After proper configuration, the module can be managed both via Bluetooth and Wifi. It is not needed to set the configuration channel of each users. The control icon determines the communicaiton channel.
  • The Bluetooth 4 protocol allows connecting to the module in a 15-20 distance. The Wifi ensures unlimited distance. (to be able to control the output, internet access is needed on the smartphone that can be mobile internet or Wifi)
  • As a security function, the device allows controlling only if the smartphone and the controller is connected on the same Wifi network
  • For security reasons, the module is visible for 10 minutes as a Bluetooth device after reastarting or launching. We can make the module visible by pushing down the micro-switch at the top of it, or on the web interface.
  • The module gives a feedback in a push message and information about the control and connection etc..
  • The WiFi/Bluetooth controller is available on a web server as well. After signing into the website, the following functions can be reached:
    • setting and modifying output control time
    • creating and deleting new users, disabling control permissions
    • querying the Wifi network signal statistics that shows the stability of the network
    • disabling control permission of certain users
    • in the eventlog we can see when and which customer activated the output
    • we can query the output counter that provides information about how many times the output has been controlled
    • we can query the operating hours of the module
    • we can create a control link that allows us to control the output of the module with PC
    • In the statistics we can see how many times the module has been launched or restarted, the number of push messages, server connections etc..
    • we can switch on the Bluetooth visibility to be able to create a new Bluetoth connection with a new phone
    • disabling Wifi network
Inputs: 0
Relay outputs: 1
Maximum relay load capacity: max. 30V@500mA
Power consumption (maximum): 200 mA @ 12 VDC
Power consumption (standby): 70 mA @ 12 VDC
Power source: 9-35 VDC, 24 VAC
Communication channel: Wifi / Bluetooth
Programming channel: Wifi / Bluetooth
Numbers of users (wifi/Bluetooth):
unlimited / 15
Adjustable control time
Output counter
Output activating for free:
Security code:
Application (Android):
  • Power source: 9-35 VDC, 24 VAC
  • Power consumption (Standby): 70 mA
  • Power consumption (Maximum): 200 mA
  • Relay output: max. 30V@500mA
  • Dimensions: 50 x 70 x 37 mm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C – +70°C
  • Control: gate-, barrier- and garage door opening
  • Home automation (air conditioner, heating system, sauna, lighting, stb.)
  • Door opening, access control
  • Handling permissions
  • Arming / Disarming alarm center


The packages include

icon_yesWiFi/Bluetooth module built into an IP box with a gland
icon_yesWired, ready to install