Insurance certification for the TANlock!

The TANlock is a product conceived, developed, and manufactured in Germany: high quality in terms of design and production.

We have submitted the TanLock to the scrutiny of MABISZ, an organization that gathers all the Hungarian Insurance Companies: MABISZ has tested and evaluated it as an access control device that absolutely complies with the current standards required by the market.

 Consequently, we received relative certification.

The certification is available here:

Who is MABISZ? 

In Hungary, before 1986, the monopoly of insurance companies was under direct state control.

The free market has opened up new possibilities to new insurance companies: The free competition has allowed only the best of them to offer better and safer services to customers.

In addition, the legislation has changed dramatically which made the insurance organizations unite in order to protect their interests.

On 14th November 1990. eight insurance organizations founded the Union of the Hungarian insurance associations (MABISZ).

Nowadays, many Hungarian insurance companies and EU insurance associations have become a member of MABISZ.

What is the TANlock?

It is a simple and strong system that allows protecting:

  • rack cabinets,
  • electrical enclosures,
  • or industrial equipment.

It is an electrical lock that allows authenticating the users and opening the lock if the permission is provided.

The wide range of the TANlock products allows using the products from the basic version until the highest level of security and authentication level according to the demands, expectations, and regulations

How does the TANlock work?

The TANlock is an electric lock equipped with a geared-motor that after successful authentication releases the latch of the lock that allows the swinghandle to be opened up.

By turning the swinghandle, we can open the door.

To close the door, after closing the door, the swinghandle has to be rotated back to its original position as well as being pushed back to its locked state.

The internal interfaces of the TANlock allows connecting to opening sensors, to the network or to the Wiegand communication.

Here you can find more information about the TANlock product family: