The missing part of protection – TANlock!

You may remember that we have introduced the first time the TANlock product family in September last year. Afterward, we exhibited it at the Sicurezza and the Hungarian Security fair. Due to the enormous inquiries, we kept introducing the product to our partners along with starting the tests with various systems. Needless to say, we have by far not finished the tests. However, it was great to see that the features of the device greatly exceeded the demands. Also, as it occurs at the beginning of every product introduction, we have encountered pending tasks to accomplish that we are carrying out by cooperation with the German team.

I would divide the TANlock product family into four different groups. Thus, you will immediately understand the application according to the product type. (We will introduce to you in details each version in order to provide detailed information).

TANlock Zero Remote – Endpoint of remote control.

What does that mean? Well, the operation of the TANlock Zero Remote alike an electric lock that can be controlled with 5/12/24 VDC signals. The TANlock Zero is the device that can be opened by any sort of control. Hence, you can use it easily with an alarm center, access control system, GSM module or a WiFi/BT Controller. The authorization and authentication are done by the system that ensures the control voltage. The power supply of the TANlock works in a fairly broad range: 5-24 VDC.

The wiring is simple:

The mounting takes a few minutes in case of standards:

We recommend it to companies where the output of the access control system or alarm center can be connected to the TANlock. Factories or industrial areas where a machine can control it directly (with PLC).

If the security is important and if you are looking for a simple solution, or if you would like to handle the TANlock independently from your other systems, depending on the preferred communication channel, you can open it with a GSM module (MultiOne GSMEasyCon GSM) or with the WiFi / Bluetooth Controller. Therefore, only those users are entitled to control the lock who has the required permissions. On top of that, according to the method of control, the event log and other extra functions are available.

If you have not seen the TANlock introduction video click on the picture.