WPS function for our WiFi products!

If you have been afraid so far from the network configuration of the WiFi products to the routers, we have some good news since it has become easier than it was ever before.

On of the optional convenient services provided by the wireless routers is the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). This protocol was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance non-profit organization in 2007. This function was designed for users who are not well informed about computer networks and router configuration.

The goal of the Wi-Fi protected setup is to make the setup of the new devices to the wireless networks more simple. The WPS (that should not be confused with the WPA or the WPA2 encryption) allows the user to avoid memorizing complicated passwords and typing it. On top of that, we do not even have to know what sort of encryption has to be used. The WPS does everything instead of us if the devices support this feature.

The WPS function allows connecting the WiFi/BT Controller and the WiFi/BT Programmer to the Cloud server without giving any data.

The WiFi/BT programmer allows programming the following devices remotely: 

EasyCon GSM picturewebsite
ProCon GSM picturewebsite
InterCom GSM picturewebsite
ProLine GSM picturewebsite

Click here if you would like us to show you on your existing WiFi/BT Controller how this function works as well as upgrading your firmware remotely if it is necessary. 

Connection process: 

1. Module WPS mode 

After powering up the module, when the Blue LED is blinking, the micro-switch on the top of the module has to be pushed shortly for around 1 second. Then, the Green LED is starting to blink slowly indicating that the module is in WPS mode.

2. Router WPS mode

After we set the WPS mode on the module, the WPS function has to be enabled on the router without code requests. Afterward, the WPS button has to be pushed on the router.

3. Server connection/Logging into the Cloud

After the connection was established ( the module received the network settings automatically from the router and connected to the Cloud), we can log in with the following format:

ID: macaddress@gsm0.eu (here the MAC address has to be given that can be found on the sticker on the module without the colon)

PW: macaddress

Instead of filling in different data, you can configure the network settings easily by pushing only two buttons.

The website immediately asks us to give the new email address and password after we gave the default data. Then, we can log in to our account and configure the necessary settings.

The significant advantage of the WPS function that the WiFi device can connect to the internet quickly independently from the operating system of our smartphone.