Your existing GSM product is capable of Wifi connection as well

WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer

WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer

The communication has been changed enormously in the last 10 years on the transmission and remote control fields. Due to the improvement of GSM/GPRS, and the sustainability of the technology, the developments were focused on the mobile applications and internet based systems.

Nowadays, simplicity, usability and speed are the important factors and everything is moving this way. These principles gave us an idea in regards our latest development the WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer. This module makes the usage of the GSM modules easier both, for the end-users and installers too. The major viewpoints are the easy installation and programmability along with secure local and remote access.

Use without maintenance cost 

The WiFi/Bt Programmer can be reached in two channels. It can be programmed either, via Bluetooth, or remotely from unlimited distance thanks to the WiFi connection.It is important to know that the WiFi/BT Programmer can operate as a bluetooth controller. The WiFi connection is not a must for usage. On the other hand, the benefit of the product is that in case any problem arises with the WiFi network, the device can be managed via Bluetooth.

The WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer can be connected to the serial connector of the GSM modules in the same way as it is possible by using the USB programmer. In the ProRead software, we can select the internet connection as well as giving the necessary data for WiFi connection. The WiFi/Bluetooth Programmer allows remote configuration of GSM modules via internet from anywhere. The setup of the device is effortless, it does not require any complex network configuration. Due to the Bluetooth connection, the main parameters of the module can be set from an Android smartphone as well.

Parameters for remote control:
– Selecting WiFi network (the module finds the available networks automatically)
– WiFi password
– Username
– User Password
– Place

Compatible GSM modules:
– EasyCon GSM
– ProCon GSM; ProCon 3G;
– InterCom GSM
– ProLine GSM

You can download the ProRead program from here: